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In the not too distant past, successful firms (or rather large businesses) used to be known for their huge and unwieldy manpower. This of course, translated to huge and often unmanageable monthly wage bill.

Nowadays, the picture is a complete reversal. “Monster” companies (in terms of turnover) are now known for their small but very well motivated workforce. “Well motivated” as in good remuneration and excellent working environment.

This is where the computer comes in.

Buying a computer and using it for typesetting related jobs is just not good enough for a firm that wants to be seen as professional and efficient. In fact the software running on a system and the use to which they are put, to a large extent determines the efficiency or otherwise of such computing machine.

The computer has been able to be of such relevance in several areas of company administration like personnel, payroll, stock, accounting, communication, etc.

That is why at SoftWorld, we not only supply systems, but also offer our clients the best possible advice on what next to do after they have obtained their computer unit(s).

We are pleased to be making your acquaintance now and do hope that we shall be relevant to your IT operations either in the future or much sooner than we may predict.

Company Profile

The name of the company is SoftWorld Ventures.

Business Address
The business address of the company is 170 Upper Mission Road, Benin City. Edo State. Nigeria.

Brief History
SoftWorld Ventures started out of the burning desire of the CE/LP to setup a computer outfit that would be solely involved in the local development and deployment of world-class software to solve sometimes equally intimidating problems on the local scene. This was more than five (5) years before the firm was eventually registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission on the 23rd of April 1996 with certificate number BN000247.

Skeletal operations started in August 2000 whilst full operations started on 1st of February 2001.

Now the initial dream has grown much more than what was intended considering the pace at which the firm has continued to grow.

Mission Statement
We are determined to be the very best we can be under all circumstances no matter the height or depth of intimidating resistance to achieving this objective.

Guiding Philosophy/Principle
We are guided by this principle that nothing really looks as bad as it seems at first; that excellence is a target that is well achievable if we put all our heart and might into it and knowing that the Creator of the Heavens and Earth has given us a definite go ahead to dominate this world.

The firm is organized into several departments because we believe in laying a solid foundation for future growth, knowing that what we have learnt while we are yet small will not be strange when we become much bigger, by the grace of God.

The departments are:

 Software
 Hardware
 Marketing
 Training
 Sales
 Accounts/Audit
 Legal

Each department above has its own further sub-division like Software for example, which has the following sections:

 Development
 Deployment/Support
 Documentation
 System Support
 Internet/E-mail
 Websites

A Head of Department (or Director) heads each department, while each section has a sectional head. However, due to the internal re-organization started a couple of weeks back, we may not be able to give an authentic list of the departmental/sectional heads, until the exercise is duly completed.

An Executive Committee made up of the CE/LP and the various Directors is the apex body of the firm, which is vested with formulating the official strategies, and/or policies that would determine the direction or flow of the firm’s day-to-day activities. It meets once in a month.

Then there is a management committee made up of the CE/LP and the various departmental/sectional heads, which meets weekly to review the implementation of the policy directives of the Executive Committee. This is actually the powerhouse that drives the wheel of the firm on a daily basis.

However, there is a Main Office Manager that is directly piloting the affairs of the office and reports directly to the CE/LP, who is ultimately responsible for taking any executive decision.

Specialization/Core Business Strategy
Although from above, this firm may look as if it is your normal computer company, however it is not completely so. We first and foremost emphasize that our core business strategy is in the deployment of our locally or better still internally developed software to meet the needs of one of the world’s fastest growing markets in Nigeria.

We always ensure that we undertake very stringent systems analysis before commencing any project and our style of development, most times leans towards flexibility, functionality and adaptability rather than focusing on irrelevant “razz-ma-tazz”, such as very highly animated interfaces, that often leads no where. We favour simple, intuitive user interfaces.

There is however a product borne out of a collaborative effort from our hardware and software support sections that offers our clients a comprehensive maintenance scheme to ensure that their systems are always in perfect working condition. This is one of several key non-software products, which we are specialists in.

Some selected Software
The Following software are currently available:

PayMaster Plus Version 1.0 Customized Software

This is “The Big One.” This software is so versatile and flexible that you should immediately appropriate it for your use. Consider the following features:

 Unlimited & flexible staff database – create as many as you have and as you want
 Supports Transfer, Resignation, Retirement or even death
 Supports 2-level department/section structure
 Flexible & innovative staff data structure including scanned images, employee No., Salary Level/Step, etc.
 Unlimited Pay Categories
 At least 5 computational tables including salary, exception, advances/loans, daily entries etc. that makes for flexible setup and easy operation
 Automatic Basic, Allowances, Tax & other deductions computation per staff per month
 Supports Taxable & Non-Taxable Allowances
 Supports Bank and/or Cash payments
 Supports unlimited employer and employee banks
 Tracks Cheques paid out to staff for payroll to the cheque number
 Automatic Payroll Generation
 Dynamic & flexible reporting like pay advice, payroll, bank & cash schedules, monthly returns, summary of all pay categories etc.
 “Water-tight” Security
 Windows-based
 An interface for automatic posting to any standard accounting software like our own PaLLUSI! Release 1.0 (see below) can be developed on request
 Currently runs in over 23 NEPA locations nationwide.

SW-FinalBooks version 2.0 Accounting Software

We are also using this opportunity to introduce to you our own flexible and customizable accounting software, appropriately tagged “SW-FinalBooks” version 2.0. This software has been tried and tested in various capacities at several notable firms around the country. Its versatility is aptly seen in the fact that it can handle multiple accounting operations amongst which are:

1. Final account (or Trial Balance)
2. Creditors/Debtors ledger
3. General Ledger
4. Cash & Bank ledger
5. Bank Reconciliation
6. etc.

Hospital Management Information Software (SW-MediPlux) Version 2.0

This software is one of the most versatile and flexible around, anywhere in the world. And it is not too difficult to see it is so highly rated. Consider the following features:

 Record & update patients’ medical history automatically
 Supports Consultancy, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Ward, Ambulance, Maternity, Mortuary, Theatre & Specialist operations that cannot be conveniently fitted into the above categories
 Supports Automatic billing of your clients
 Handles 3-way client structure – Corporate, Family & Individual
 You can easily setup (special) billing preferences for your important clients
 VAT, Discount & Advance Payment supported
 Keep Ledger of Debtors and monitor how they repay
 Automatically update stock in Pharmacy
 Multi-level Password (security) to very sensitive data
 System generated Patient ID – up to Nine Thousand Nine Hundred & Ninety Nine NEW Patients ID generated every month

Sales Management Information System (SAMIS) version 2.0

We are using this opportunity to introduce to you our very innovative inventory/stock software, which has been locally developed to meet the computerization needs of a forward looking educational institution like yours. Its versatility is aptly seen in the fact that it can handle multiple stock-related operations amongst which are:

1. Define unlimited stock categories/items
2. Keep track of unlimited stock items
3. Keep up-to-the transaction balance of all stock items
4. Re-order level, re-order stock, minimum level, maximum level etc. supported
5. Flexible reporting guaranteed
6. Password protection already taken care of

System Requirement
Although most of our software can run on the Windows based PC, the following minimum system configuration should be adhered to if you are to get the optimum performance from our software.

1. Pentium 166 & Above
2. 32MB RAM & above
3. Windows 95 & Above*
4. At least 2GB of Hard Disk Space left
5. 256 Colour VGA Card & above
6. Full Multimedia

*Request for versions that can run on Operating System environments other than Windows, like MS-DOS, Unix, Linux etc will be entertained and addressed speedily although at a different cost implication.

This document has been prepared with the sole aim of providing accurate information but if in an attempt to do so certain facts were unintentionally painted in a verbose light, please forgive us.

We do hope and pray that this document would prove a veritable tool of needed information in the hands of whoever shall demand for it.

Thank you.

© SoftWorld Ventures. January 2014.
 Tel. 08023001860. E-mail: URL:

Appendix A

List of some of our commercial software/products (wholly developed by us) & date released

1. ModelCAD version 1.0 (for architectural designs). 1996.
2. PaLLUSI! Release 1.0 (general purpose accounts package). 1996-2002.
3. SW-LAWINDEX release 1.0 (Law indexing software). 1996.
4. SW-HMIS release 1.0 (Hospital Management Software). 1998.
5. SW-SMIS release 1.0 (Stock or inventory management software). 1999.
6. SW-LMIS release 1.0 (Database version of PaLLUSI!). 1999.
7. SW-LEGAL release 1.0 (Legal accounts software). 2000.
8. SW-SAMIS release 1.0 (Sales management software). 2000-2016.
9. SW-NMES release 1.0 (NEPA Marketers’ Evaluation Software). 2000.
10. SW-LOGS release 1.0 (Logs computation, bank reconciliation & gen. Expenses). 2000.
11. SW-SureBanker 2008 (Community Banking software). 2001-2016.
12. SW-Hotelier release 1.0 (Hotel Reservation software). 2001-2016.
13. SW-MediPlux version 2.0 (Hospital Management Software). 2003-2016.
14. SW-PayMaster+ version 1.0 (Payroll Management Software). 2002-2016.
15. SW-Pension+ version 1.0 (Pension Management Software). 2004-2008.
16. SW-Thriftily version 1.0 (Thrifts/Co-operative Societies Software). 2004-2016.
17. SW-Sequential version 1.1 (A Customized Software for PHCN Plc). 2004-2016.
18. SW-FinalBooks version 1.0 (Windows version of PaLLUSI!). 2003-2016.
19. SW-Despatch version 1.0 (A Customized Software for PHCN Plc). 2005.
20. SW-Requisition version 1.0 (A Customized Software for NNPC). 2004-2016.
21. SW-ExtraCurricular 2010 (A Customized School Management Software). 2010.
22. SW-Registrar version 1.0 (A Customized Software to manage the register of Co-operative Societies). 2012-2016.
23. SW-e-Premises version 1.0 (A Customized Software to manage the register of Business Premises). 2012-2016.
24. (A web application that is seeking to create an ONLINE Directory of ordinary working-class Nigerians and EXPOSING such information to a global Audience). 2012-2016.
25. Na Which Work YOU DEY do? (Our 30-minute weekly audience participation programme aired for now on Radio Nigeria Bronze 101.5 FM every Fridays by 3:30pm). 2013-2016.
26. (Our 24-hour online radio station broadcasting from the UK with slogan “Giving a VOICE to the VOICELESS!” that is primarily aimed at EXPOSING our local SMEs to Nigerians in Diaspora. You can listen via several channels: on any internet connected desktop or laptop on the website, you can download our app on the App Store of most mobile devices or you can simply dial +1-641-552-5122, although call rates may apply with the last option). 2013-2016.
27. 234Aproko kia-kia Service (Our 24-hour offline dual SMS service that can connect customers and service providers, sellers and buyers, and employers and applicants, etc. on the go.) 2015-2016.
28. SW-eVS2015 (Our Versatile Electronic Voting Software (via SMS) that is set to revolutionize the WAY voting (on anything or during Elections) is conducted in Nigeria and beyond. 2015-2016.
29. SW-eTickets version 1.0 (A Customized Software to manage the ticketing requirements of a modern transport company). 2015-2016.
30. Can You REALLY Speak Your Language? (Our TV Reality Game Show that is intended to instigate the speaking of our languages by parents to their children in our various homes.) 2016.

Proposed Products
31. Na Which Work YOU DEY do? [TV] (Our 30-minute weekly audience participation programme to be aired very soon on one of the TV Stations in Benin City, Edo State). 2014.
32. (Our online TV station, which would complement and be our primary outlet to showcase interesting local [business and events] videos). 2015.
33. 1st SMEs Products/Services Exhibition (Our 2-weeks Small and Medium Enterprises Trade Exhibition aimed at innovatively EXPOSING participating SMES to prospective clients and will be shown on TV daily for the duration of the event). 2015.
34. The Nigerian Apprentice: Season 1 [Who wants to be the next Auto Technician] (Our 1-year Reality TV/Radio show that is aimed at getting our youths to return to several key vocations that are critical to the economy and will be shown on TV for 6 months). 2015.

Appendix B

Full List of our clients using our software (showing date installed & # of Deployments)

S/N Client Software Date Deployments

1. IBEDC Jebba Business Hub SW-Sequential 2016
2. God’s Care Hospital, Benin City SW-Mediplux 2015
3. Happinex Foams Nig. Ltd., Benin City SW-SaMIS 2015.
4. TCN Plc., Ganmo Work Centre. SW-Paymaster+ 2015
5. TCN Plc., Port-Harcourt Region. SW-Paymaster+ 2015
6. TCN Plc., Enugu Sub-Region. SW-Paymaster+ 2014
7. TCN Plc., Afam Work Centre. SW-Paymaster+ 2014
8. TCN Plc., Calabar Sub-Region. SW-Paymaster+ 2014
9. Sensitive Nig. Ltd., Benin City. SW-FinalBooks 2014
10. TCN Plc., Ijora Payroll Centre (7 Stations) SW-Paymaster+ 2014.
11. Tony Aik Ventures, Benin City. SW-SaMIS 2014.
12. PHCN Ugbokolo District, Benue State. SW-Paymaster+ 2013.
13. PHCN Olumo District, Abeokuta. SW-Sequential 2013.
14. PHCN Rumuigbo District, Port-Harcourt. SW-FinalBooks 2013.
15. PHCN Omu-Aran District, Omu-Aran. SW-Paymaster+ 2013.
16. Meter Test Station, Kaduna. SW-Requisition 2013.
17. Joche Computer Warehouse, Benin. SW-SaMIS 2013.
18. Psychiatric Hospital Staff MPCS, Benin. SW-Thriftily 2012.
19. NEPA District Office, Akure SW-Paymaster+ 2012.
20. N.D.D.C. Staff MPCS Ltd. SW-Thriftily 2012.
21. N.D.D.C. Staff MPCS Ltd. SW-FinalBooks 2012.
22. Edo State Ministry of Commerce (Co-operatives) SW-Registrar 2012.
23. Edo State Ministry of Commerce (Commerce) SW-e-Premises 2012.
24. FunmIne Nigeria Enterprises SW-SaMIS 2012.
25. Edo Civil Service Staff MPCS Ltd. SW-Thriftily 2012.
26. Edo Civil Service Staff MPCS Ltd. SW-FinalBooks 2012.
27. Eagle Height International School, Warri. SW-PayMaster+ 2012.
28. Eagle Height International School, Warri. SW-FinalBooks 2012.
29. Internet (World Wide Web) 2012.
30. NEPA District Office, Evbuotubu, Benin. SW-PayMaster+ 2012.
31. NEPA District Office, South Bank, Makurdi. SW-PayMaster+ 2012.
32. NEPA District Office, Gboko. SW-PayMaster+ 2011.
33. TCN Plc, Work Station, Jebba. SW-PayMaster+ 2011.
34. Word of Life Bible Church, Warri. SW-Tithes 2011.
35. First Source Engineering, P/H (PH Work Centre, TCN Plc.)
SW-PayMaster+ 2011.
36. Edo State Ministry of Justice MPCS Ltd. SW-Thriftily 2011.
37. Edo State Ministry of Justice MPCS Ltd. SW-FinalBooks 2011.
38. Meter Test Station, Kaduna. SW-PayMaster+ 2011.
39. NEPA District Office, Orlu. SW-PayMaster+ 2011.
40. Obinga Int’l, Warri. SW-Thriftily 2011.
41. N.T.S.M.P.C.S. Ltd., Benin SW-Thriftily 2011.
42. N.T.S.M.P.C.S. Ltd., Benin SW-FinalBooks 2011.
43. N.C.G.C., H/Q, Benin SW-Thriftily 2010.
44. Mount Gilead Hospital, Benin. SW-SaMIS 2010.
45. Mustard Seed Int’l Group of Schools. SW-PayMaster+ 2010.
46. NEPA District Office, Owerri. SW-PayMaster+ 2010.
47. NEPA District Office, Owerri. SW-Sequential 2010.
48. NEPA District Office, Abakaliki. SW-PayMaster+ 2010.
49. NEPA Meter Test Station, P/H. SW-e-Payments+ 2010.
50. Central Stores, P/H SW-Paymaster+ 2010.
51. NEPA Zonal Office, Ibadan. SW-Sequential 2010. 5`
52. NEPA Zonal Office, Benin. SW-Sequential 2010. 3~
53. PHCN Meter Test Station, P/H SW-PayMaster+ 2010.
54. PHCN Business Unit, Effurun SW-PayMaster+ 2010.
55. NEPA Zonal Office, Kaduna SW-Sequential 2009. 5!
56. NEPA Sapele District Thrift & Loans Soc. SW-Thriftily 2009.
57. PHCN Business Unit, Ado-Ekiti SW-PayMaster+ 2009.
58. PHCN Business Unit, Owo SW-PayMaster+ 2009.
59. PHCN Business Unit, Uromi SW-PayMaster+ 2009.
60. PHCN Business Unit, Yelwa SW-PayMaster+ 2009.
61. PHCN Business Unit, Ota SW-PayMaster+ 2009.
62. PHCN Business Unit, Nnewi SW-PayMaster+ 2009.
63. PHCN Ibadan Distribution Zone, Ibadan. SW-Sequential 2009. 2^
64. PHCN Business Unit, Agbor SW-PayMaster+ 2009.
65. PHCN Business Unit, Auchi SW-PayMaster+ 2009.
66. PHCN Business Unit, Etete. SW-FinalBooks 2009.
67. PHCN Business Unit, Ekwulobia SW-PayMaster+ 2009.
68. PHCN Business Unit, Mbaise SW-PayMaster+ 2009.
69. PHCN Business Unit, Ogidi SW-PayMaster+ 2009.
70. PHCN Business Unit, Sokponba SW-PayMaster+ 2009.
71. NEPA Zonal Office, Benin. SW-Sequential 2009. 8
72. PHCN Business Unit, Sapele SW-PayMaster+ 2008.
73. LAPO Staff Welfare SW-Thriftily 2008.
74. LAPO Staff Welfare SW-FinalBooks 2008.
75. PHCN Ikeja Distribution Zone, Lagos. SW-Sequential 2008. 4
76. PHCN Business Unit, Ughelli SW-PayMaster+ 2008.
77. SNCC, TCN, Shiroro SW-PayMaster+ 2008.
78. Dibof Enterprises Ltd., Lagos. SW-FinalBooks 2008.
79. M! Casa, Benin. SW-FinalBooks 2008.
80. NEPASCOOP, Bukuru. SW-Thriftily 2008.
81. NEPA Zonal Office Thrift & Loans, Jos. SW-Thriftily 2008.
82. New Covenant Gospel Church, Benin. SW-Thriftily 2008.
83. Noro Pharmacy & Health Shop, Jos. SW-FinalBooks 2008.
84. Peter Star Nigeria Ltd., Benin. SW-SAMIS 2008.
85. PHCN Business Unit, Gada-Biu, Jos. SW-PayMaster+ 2008.
86. PHCN Business Unit, Plateau South, Shendam. SW-PayMaster+ 2008.
87. Sabana Specialist Hospital, Gombe. SW-FinalBooks 2008.
88. TenderPhil Limited, Benin. SW-SAMIS 2008.
89. ElectroTrade Nigeria Ltd., Benin. SW-SAMIS 2007.
90. Focus Hospital, Jos. SW-MediPlux 2007.
91. PHCN Awada Undertaking, Onitsha. SW-FinalBooks 2007.
92. PHCN Awada Undertaking, Onitsha. SW-PayMaster+ 2007.
93. PHCN Business Unit, Ikpoba Hill, Benin. SW-PayMaster+ 2007.
94. PHCN Business Unit, Ugbowo, Benin. SW-Paymaster+ 2007.
95. PHCN Ikeja Distribution Zone, Lagos. SW-Sequential 2007. 5
96. Ropheka Specialist Clinic & Maternity, Benin. SW-MediPlux 2007.
97. St. Philomena Hospital, Benin. SW-PayMaster+ 2007.
98. Ayede Sub-Region Trx, TCN, Ibadan. SW-PayMaster+ 2006.
99. Mount Gilead Hospital, Benin. SW-FinalBooks 2006.
100. Narrow Way Clinic, Benin. SW-MediPlux 2006.
101. NEPA District Office, Asaba. SW-FinalBooks 2006.
102. NEPA District Office, Asaba. SW-PayMaster+ 2006.
103. NEPA District Office, Bauchi. SW-PayMaster+ 2006.
104. NEPA District Office, Gombe. SW-PayMaster+ 2006.
105. NEPA District Office, Jos. SW-Pension+ 2006.
106. NEPA Kumbotso Loans & Thrifts Society, Kano. SW-FinalBooks 2006.
107. NEPA Kumbotso Loans & Thrifts Society, Kano. SW-Thriftily 2006.
108. NEPA Nassarawa Multi-Purpose Co-Operative Society, Kano. SW-FinalBooks 2006.
109. NEPA Nassarawa Multi-Purpose Co-Operative Society, Kano. SW-Thriftily 2006.
110. NEPA Zonal Office, Benin. SW-Sequential 2006. 7
111. O.A. Omonuwa (SAN) & Co., Benin. SW-FinalBooks 2006.
112. PHCN Akure Business Unit, Akure. SW-FinalBooks 2006.
113. PHCN Business Unit, Bukuru. SW-PayMaster+ 2006.
114. Project Charilove, Benin. SW-FinalBooks 2006.
115. Psychiatric Hospital, Benin. SW-PayMaster+ 2006.
116. Pyne Hospital, Benin. SW-MediPlux 2006.
117. Rogers Computers, Jos. SW-SAMIS 2006.
118. St. Margaret’s Hospital, Benin. SW-MediPlux 2006.
119. Victoria Memorial Hospital, Jos. SW-SAMIS 2006.
120. NEPASCOOP, Egbin, Lagos. SW-Thriftily 2005.
121. NEPASCOOP, Egbin, Lagos. SW-FinalBooks 2005.
122. NEPASCOOP, Jos. SW-Thriftily 2005.
123. NEPA District Office, Akpakpava. SW-Pension+ 2005.
124. NEPA District Office, Akpakpava. SW-PayMaster+ 2005.
125. NEPA District Office, Asaba. SW-Pension+ 2005.
126. NEPA District Office, Bauchi. SW-Pension+ 2005.
127. NEPA District Office, Warri. SW-PayMaster+ 2005.
128. NEPA District Office, Warri. SW-Pension+ 2005.
129. NEPA Transmission Region, Benin. SW-FinalBooks 2005.
130. NEPA Transmission Thrifts & Cooperative Society, Benin. SW-Thriftily 2005/09.
131. NEPA Zonal Office, Benin. SW-PayMaster+ 2005.
132. NEPA Zonal Office, Benin. SW-Sequential 2005. 7
133. PHCN Onitsha Business Unit, Onitsha. SW-FinalBooks 2005.
134. PHCN Onitsha Business Unit, Onitsha. SW-PayMaster+ 2005.
135. Psychiatric Hospital, Benin. SW-Pension+ 2005.
136. Sabana Specialist Hospital, Gombe. SW-MediPlux 2005.
137. Suyi Hospital, Benin. SW-FinalBooks 2005.
138. Suyi Hospital, Benin. SW-PayMaster+ 2005.
139. Ukponmwan Foundation Hospital, Benin. SW-MediPlux 2005.
140. Victoria Memorial Hospital, Jos. SW-MediPlux 2005.
141. NEPA Transmission Region, Benin. SW-PayMaster+ 2004. 7
142. NEPA Transmission Work Centre, Osogbo. SW-PayMaster+ 2004.
143. Mount Gilead Hospital, Benin. SW-MediPlux 2003.
144. NEPDISCOOP, Benin. SW-Thriftily 2003.
145. NEPA Zonal Office, Benin. SW-PayMaster+ 2003.
146. Suyi Hospital, Benin. SW-MediPlux 2003.
147. Alaghodaro Community Bank Ltd., Benin. SW-SureBanker 2002.
148. Bendel Brewery Ltd, Benin. * 2002.
149. Modic Hospital, Benin. SW-HMIS 2002.
150. NEPA District Office, Jos. SW-PayMaster+ 2002.
151. Okere Community Bank Ltd., Warri. SW-SureBanker 2002.
152. Ultimate Drinks Nig. Ltd, Benin. PaLLUSI! 2002.
153. Accountant General’s Office, Edo State. PaLLUSI! 2001.
154. AP Filling Station, Ugbowo, Benin. SW-POS 2001.
155. Motel Benin Plaza, Benin. SW-Hotelier 2001.
156. NEPA Zonal Office, Jos. SW-NMES 2001.
157. NNPC, Zonal Office, Warri. SW-SMIS 2001.
158. Akugbe Medical Center, Benin. SW-HMIS 2000.
159. Caesar Engineering & Construction Ltd., Benin. PaLLUSI! 2000.
160. Ebony Medical Clinic, Warri. SW-HMIS 2000.
161. Electrotrade Nig. Ltd., Benin. SW-SMIS 2000.
162. NEPA Zonal Office, Benin. SW-NMES 2000.
163. NEPA Zonal Office, Ibadan. SW-NMES 2000.
164. Nightingale Group of Schools, Benin. * 2000.
165. NNPC, Zonal Office, Benin. SW-SMIS 2000.
166. RIMA Restaurant, Benin. SW-SAMIS 2000.
167. RIMA Restaurant, Benin. PaLLUSI! 2000.
168. New Covenant Gospel Church, Benin. PaLLUSI! 1999.
169. Iyayi Bros. Nig. Ltd., Benin. PaLLUSI! 1998.
170. Word of Life Bible Church, Warri. PaLLUSI! 1998.
171. J.N. Ndulue & Sons, Benin. PaLLUSI! 1997.
172. O.A. Omonuwa & Co., Benin. SW-LawIndex 1996.
173. OMPADEC, Benin. ModelCAD 1996.
174. P.C.U. (formerly APMEU) regional office, FMANR, Benin. * 1996.
175. Virso Sea Foods Ltd., Benin. PaLLUSI! 1996.
176. Tranvil Engineering, Lagos. ModelCAD 1995.

*Modified/completely re-wrote then existing customized application
^Abeokuta & Ota Business Units
`Monatan, Osogbo, Ife, Challenge & Baboko Business Units
~Etete, Effurun, Sapele and Ugbowo Business Districts
! Barnawa, Doka, Kawo, Makera and Rigasa Business Districts

Appendix C

Technical Partners

Compu-Tech Nig., Benin City.
Heritage Computers, Benin City.
Avec Systems, Benin City.


1. First Bank of Nigeria PLC (FBN), Benin City.
2. Access Bank Plc (AB), Benin City.
3. United Bank for Africa (UBA), Benin City.


1. DaveOgie Consulting, Benin City.

Legal Advisers

1. Omonuwa, O.A. (SAN) & Co., Benin City.

Appendix D

Our Registered Address

170, Upper Mission Road, Benin City.

Our e-Mail Addresses


Our Hotlines

1. 08023001860
2. 08029000048